Monday, January 14

Modishoppe is back open!

Happy New Year! I have been CRAZY BUSY the last wee while...(months!)...but hope to get back into the swing of things soon...Just want to shout out to Jena and say that the new shoppe looks fabulous! Check out my *new* goodies for Spring 2008 at Jena's shopppe Modishoppe here :-)


Tuesday, September 11

taking a break

Be back soon...

Saturday, September 8

who loves etsy? ♥

Hello my friends!

It has been too long...this Summer has been one of the best by far, it is sunny and hot out again today, so I am off to play. A friend told me about this great new site "We Love Etsy" a place where Etsians and friends can join and communicate with other friends!! Don't be shy and add me to your friend list :) Love meeting new people!

Have a fabulous day!


Thursday, August 30

be back soon!

Feels like I've been on a permenant holiday (from blogging that is!) This weekend, starts with a boat cruise tonite around Georgian Bay, then heading to a friend's cottage for the rest of the time. Come Fall, I should be back in the full swing of things. Have a fantastic weekend, the weather here couldn't be more perfect!


Wednesday, August 22

my new shoes

My sis was the fab finder of these babies, so I bought a pair too! I am happy I did because they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own now! (next to my gym shoes, that is...) They are black, soft leather and have flowers stitched in charcoal thread with a tiny rhinestone in the centre of the flower. Super cute!

[images spring]

Monday, August 20

around the house...

milk jug with house painted on it

more detail...

picture of house taken tonite

This is where we live right now (see last pic) with Hunny's Mum and Dad. The first pic is an old milk can with a picture of the house (see last pic) painted on the front. The big apple tree is kind of in the way of the house...

The middle picture shows more detail. I think the artist did a fabulous job creating the painting from just a mere photo! The detail on the cobblestone is beautiful :)

Sunday, August 19

*new* for fall 2007

Hello, hello! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ours is just starting to end, getting all ready for Monday... (boo!) haha back to the grind...

Some good news... I have been busy creating new and exciting items for the shop, above is a taste of what's yet to come :)

Gorgeous pendants, rings, earrings and hair accessories, in fab colours for Fall!!