Wednesday, January 3


My boyfriend and I moved in together a year ago, and I'm sure you know what it's like starting out...

We were given a few chairs, and found a matching table a couple more chairs at a yard sale. As you can see in the 'before' picture there was quite a bit of water damage [as the chairs were left outside for a winter!]

After a lot of sanding [thank you hunny], staining and paint [done by moi, of course] the finished product is what you see on the right. Pretty neat what a little TLC and hard work does!

[image by Jamie for insidesign]


deb said...

its nice to see DIY(ers) post their work! i have been painting furniture for years now, always changing the house around.

thanks for the inspiration and the blog, another blog for me to read! yay!

Miss Jamie said...

Hi Deb,

Thank you for the kind words. It's fun to switch things around the home, I have a tendency to do it all the time...I'm happy you stumbled across my blog! Keep checking back, as I will likely be posting daily.

XO Miss Jamie