Sunday, March 11


My new gift has inspired me. Today I found some raving red shoes {on clearance!} at $24 I could not say no! And as I was walking to the counter I stumbled across this lovely shirt {my size!} how could I resist? {Yes, it too was on sale!} It's funny how when I am looking for something in particular, I leave with nothing, and when we go in to look for shoes for hunny, I find something and he leaves with nothing. How weird is that?

[images by Jamie]


Anonymous said...

ooh la la!

Jessica said...

These shoes are fantastic, I love the squared off toe! It has that whole ballet inspired look that seems to be floating around.

My Marrakech said...

ooooh that shirt. I always find that style too be very slimming and sexy (ahem, ie the perfect combo)