Wednesday, April 4

craft corner - easter egg critters

These are too cute! HGTV has such fun crafts for the whole family. Here is the tutorial to make the bird shown above:


1 hardboiled egg
Tissue paper
Craft glue
Paint brush
Small plastic container
Black marker
Coloured construction paper


1. Squeeze a small amount of glue into the plastic container and add a teaspoon or two of water. Mix together well
with your brush.

2. Take your tissue paper and rip into little pieces. Then brush a small section of the egg with glue and place the tissue paper on top.

3. Work your way around the egg, overlapping the tissue paper as you go along. Once you place a piece of paperdown, dip your brush into the water and glue mixture and brush on top.

4. Leave an oval shaped space on the egg free of tissue paper for the birds tummy.

5. Place the egg flat on the portion not covered in tissue paper and allow to dry (approx. 20 minutes).

6. While the bird is drying, make the wings. Layer a few sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and trace out the shape of a wing. Cut along this shape and once the bird dries, glue the wings into place

7. To make the eyes, simply use your black marker to make 2 small circles in the front of the egg. Use your coloured construction paper to cut a small triangle for the beak and two hearts to attach to the bottom as feet.

Make the rest of the critters here.

[image + tutorial from HGTV]

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