Tuesday, April 24

dining rooms - what's your style?

Old World, English Country, Contemporary...So many choices! I'm a Modern Country gal myself; what's your style?

[images HGTV]

Pssst...I've had a couple emails asking my whereabouts...I'm still here! We took the plunge and are in the process of moving! I will keep you posted! xo


pam said...

The second picture really appeals to me, that is the look I am trying to go for in my home, thanks for the inspirational images!


poppy said...

i think i'm a mish mash of a few things. nice to find another fellow canadian! thanks for the comments on my blog! cool to xchange - i will put yours up today.

andrea said...

Jamie -- you should change your blog to publish an RSS feed -- so I can remember to come visit! (I use Bloglines to keep me organized.) Happy moving!

Jamie said...

Pam - Very nice :)

Poppy - Yay! I've added you as well :)

Andrea - Done! Thatnks for the tip! Tomorrow's the day, then it's over...thank goodness!