Thursday, April 26

oh, little birds!

I've been working from my parents home the past week since we are in the process of moving, and as I was putting my shoes on to leave, I noticed a cute owl carved out of wood, hiding on the last shelf of my Mother's bookcase, how divine! {see pictures 3 + 4}

We are living with my other half's parents temporarily until we find a place to call our own, and I noticed these little brass cuties on the dresser in the room I am staying in {last picture} They are too cute :)

The two pics at the top of this post were taken last night. That was one thing my Hunny didn't miss about being back home...the birds and their pooping on his car...Oh, dear! ;)

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** Terramia ** said...

Oh I love nature, birds, owls... you name any little creature and I simply swoon (well, most of the time!)

Lovely post!