Thursday, May 31

sapien bookcase - dwr

This bookcase by Design Within Reach is perfect for those who have tons of books but limited space. It comes in white and grey, which works well with most colour schemes. Price $200-short; $300-tall.

{you'd think you were ordering a latte or something! hehe} You can buy your very own here.



andrea said...

What a great idea. It has an intuitive feel to it. Who doesn't love to stack books?

Sheila said...

I saw these bookcases at their store in Southlake and thought they were so simple but so cute!
I am really loving your blog. If you get a chance, check out mine. I'd appreciate any feedback/suggetions you may have.

liasynthis said...

I've seen these and have always loved them but I never knew they could hold SO many books.