Thursday, June 28

pretty peonies

Picked these pretties from the garden last night, the pic turned out amazing, almost looks like a painting :)


Dre said...

I love your table top too! What kind of material is that. The picture is stunning!

Allyson Hill said...

It really does look like a painting! The rock magnets rock! I'm thinking about making some for myself, what a great idea.

drey said...

great great photography! right time, right moment and right position.

looks like a composition that you've thought about for hours :P

Jamie said...

dre - thank you! i will find out from hunny's parents next week what kind of wood it is.

allyson - the rocks are cool, i made som too, the rock (you punny girl) hehe ;)

drey - thanks for the kind words! your right, it did look like i thought about it for hours, but it was just point and shoot lol