Tuesday, June 26

umbra fab finds

posy frame $26.50 CAD
pod wall shelf $132.00 CAD
roxx magnets {set of 4} $11.00 CAD
photoforest frame $14.50 CAD
fotoflora frame/vase $33.00 CAD

Browsing through umbra.com today, here are my fave picks.

[images umbra]


platinum blonde said...

i LOVE those magnets!!!

andrea said...

Ooo -- I want me one of them posy frames!

Jamie said...

PB - thanks!

andrea - tres chic!


michelle said...

Cool magnets, finally, I have a thing against fridge magnets, it drives my boyfriend crazy (I was traumatized by my grandmother who's entire fridge was COVERED with butterfly magnets, and I was scared to death of it when I was a kid)..I could live with these, now if I could just stand having anything under the magnets...baby steps though right.