Wednesday, July 4

let it rain

mushroom wonderland + moi

deer place + handsome pindot

It's a rainy, blustery day out today, but muchly needed. The grass is greener and the vibrant orange tiger lillies are shining through the grayness.

Based out of the rainy city of Seattle is pare * umbrella has some very funky + unique umbrella designs. I posted a few that caught my eye. I like 'deer place' the most.

Now, with all this umbrella talk, I have the 'umbrella' song stuck in my head! *sings* "you can stand under my umbrella...under my umbrella...ella ella eh eh eh..." and now you do too! ;) hehe

Have a bright + cheerful day!

1 comment:

michelle said...

I can't decide between the last on on the left or the polka dots...ahhh. I want it to rain just so I can have a reason to use one (my umbrella few off it's fake wooden handle last rain storm and right into some poor guys head)