Sunday, April 15

amy butler scrapbooks

Belle Collection
Sola Collection

I am soooo happy! Amy Butler brings her fab style and designs to K&Company. How great is that? {Can you tell I am stoked?} LOL There are two collections so far "Sola" and my fave "Belle".

I love scrapbooking {amongst other things} and K&Co. has been my first choice for all my paper goods and scrapbooking needs, now Amy Butler designs! Two loves in one! <3

[images K&Co.]


pam said...

Another fabulous find, Jamie! Where do you find them? Have an awesome day!

Delaney Gates said...

Oh, I just love this stuff! Amy on paper?! Doesn't get any better than that!

Jess said...

That's cool. I have some of her fabric, but didn't know there was paper.

jamie said...

I know! How great is that? :)