Friday, April 13

sarah's got a new show

the den/home office
the bathroom
the guest room
the kid's room

"...ever dream of buying a house, gutting it, and re-building, so it is perfectly you? Well I'm doing just that. I bought a house, renovating it room by room, making the most of every dollar. It's tough work but stick with me. I'll show you how to get the home you want." — Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson has a new series: Sarah's House on HGTV. She bought a real "fixer-upper" {aka a dog's breakfast} and is renovating it. She is so creative, and always designs a living space that is beautiful and works. Lots of inspiring ideas from Sarah, don't miss it! Show is on Tuesdays at 9pm et.

[images from HGTV]


Delaney Gates said...

Oooh! Such stunning rooms! Love that style!

drey said...

bloody hell! why can't we get this show in Australia? *sob* anyone willing to save it to a torrent file for me? :(

Allyson Hill said...

I LOVE Sarah Richardson! Thanks for the info, I didn't know and now I am sooooo excited!

jamie said...

Delaney - My style too! ;)

Drey - You can get all the updates of the show {with pics} on the site:
Sorry it's not the show! :(

Allyson - You're welcome! :)